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Syleena Johnson

Source: Michael Witherspoon / Michael Witherspoon

At 41-years-young, Syleena Johnson is at her peak physical shape after losing 50 pounds to compete at the Texas National Physique Committee (NPC Texas Cup). The Sister Circle host and grammy nominated-artist won three awards at the competition: 3rd place for Open, 5th place for True Novice, and 6th place for Novice.

Syleena Johnson

Source: Michael Witherspoon / Michael Witherspoon

Johnson reveals she struck to a strict diet and exercised with her trainer to achieve her goal weight. She went from 236 pounds to 179 pounds in eight months, she revealed in a lengthy post on Instagram. The fitness guru battled through a bulging disc, strained hamstring and calf muscle, and lost feeling in her left leg, yet she persevered.

“There are many people who have supported me with this along the way but In this moment I just want to show love to them. Two of the best trainers to ever do it! There is NOTHING like a good trainer. I would encourage anyone trying to reach a goal in fitness to hire a coach or trainer. I thank God for them,” she wrote.


“This has been a longtime dream of mine. This is not something I just woke up yesterday and said I wanted to do,” Johnson said in her video series titled #from1stage2thenext. “I don’t want to live this life and not do all of the things that I think I can do. I just feel like we can accomplish our goals and dreams, all in this life. And so that’s what I’m doing. I’m just pursuing all of the dreams and desires and goals and wants that God puts in my belly. Being a fitness competitor is one of them. I will continue to compete hopefully with the grace of God, but the first competition, I just want to get on the stage.”

Johnson’s 10th studio album, WOMAN, is available for pre-order now and will release in January 31st, 2020.


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