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Virginia Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam - Arlington, VA

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has signed hundreds of bills into law during the 2019 General Assembly Session. In fact, Governor Northam’s budget amendment included the reinstatement of suspended driver’s licenses for unpaid court debt only. This does Not include license suspensions for unpaid child support, convictions for reckless driving, DUI or simple possession. However, if you were convicted for these or other criminal or traffic convictions, and received a court debt that you could not afford to pay, it would include a license suspension based solely on any unpaid court debt tied to those convictions.

Gov. Ralph Northam’s proposed a budget amendment to reinstate driving licenses for more than 627,000 Virginians who currently have suspended licenses. The new law goes into effect on July 1, 2019.

Please NOTE: you’re responsible for the payment of your court cost and fines but your driver’s license will not be suspended.

Current Virginia law mandates the automatic suspension of licenses for unpaid court debt.

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