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Source: KAREN BLEIER / Getty Images

One man is living the real-life The Pursuit of Happyness with his story of homelessness and searching for a job.

According to Mashable, David Casarez was a college graduate who moved to Silicon Valley hoping to launch a startup.

Unfortunately, he fell on hard times and had difficulty finding work, even with three years of software developer experience. David lived in his van until he wasn’t able to afford payments. Thus, he had to sleep in the park.

This, however, didn’t stop David’s hustle.

He stood on the side of the road in Mountain View, California, holding a sign saying he was homeless. But instead of asking for money or food, he handed out copies of his resume to folks passing by. “All I wanted was for one person to notice, take my resume and give me an opportunity,” he told NBC Bay Area.

A photo of David’s efforts went up on Twitter and gained thousands of retweets.


After this, the job offers started coming in.

David thanked everyone for all the support on Sunday.


Though David’s story isn’t necessarily going to fix a massive homelessness problem, it definitely can serve as inspiration for college-educated millennials on the struggle bus.

Stay strong out there! And stay inspired.



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