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“This the new New York City. I’m the voice, ni**a. Now what?” – Mouse Jones

Social media personality Mouse Jones went smack at the legendary Funkmaster Flex after live DJ gig and it was all caught on camera.

”We not paying these old niggas no mind,” Mouse said with Flex still in the room. “Go DJ a muh-f*ckin’ boat party. You wanna come in the culture and waste time — F*ck outta here. Go drop 30 bombs on a wack record.”

Mouse went on to mock Flex’s signature growl before saying, “Somebody take that dog to muh-f*ckin’ pound.”

Flex got to a mic and replied from an adjacent stage, trying to keep things neutral: “Oh you got jokes, nephew?”

But Mouse wanted war, “I’m not your nephew, dog.”

Mouse proceeded to speak over the big dog and ridicule the playlist of the set Flex just finished. “Muhfucka gon’ play “Racks” on racks in 2018,” Mouse said to the audience.

Watch the clips below to see the whole exchange, including footage of the anti-NY set that got under Mouse’s skin.

The whole exchange had the timeline shaking. Hit the jump to see how Kid Fury and other tweeters reacted.

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