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Mothers and daughters for breast cancer awareness

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I’m honored to be the birth mother of Kenya and the godmother of Alexander Lance Booker. Alex died eleven years ago. My heart is with all mothers who have buried children. You are forever mom, grandma, nana, godmother or mother’s who have given birth from the heart. Happy Mother’s Day! I love you!

Here is the Webster’s definition of mother: a female parent; a woman who has borne a child; source of birth origin; that which has produced or nurtured anything.

And here is our definition of mother: A woman entrusted with the seed to grow God’s earth. God’s minister of compassion for his children. She is God’s love in the earth. She loves unconditionally, never boast of her child’s wrong, hopes for the best, suffers long and never gives up on her child. A woman “mother” has the character of God.

Mother holds the highest occupation in the world but never takes a vacation. She is a chef, housekeeper, lawyer, doctor, nurse, psychologist, comforter, athletic director, nurturer, minister, construction worker, business planner, disciplinarian, evangelist, prayer warrior and community outreach coordinator.

Mother works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and refuses to take a vacation. And, the total cost of her qualifications, personal time, sick leave, and working overtime is NO CHARGE.

Happy Mother’s Day and in loving memory of mother!

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