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Freddie Figgers, the founder and owner of Figgers Communication in Tallahassee, Fla., channeled his natural curiosity into a thriving telecommunications business. The self-taught engineer and inventor is now taking in the ultra-competitive world of smart-phones with is own custom-designed device after earlier successes.

At the age of nine, Figgers’ dad brought home a used IBM computer from a Goodwill store. The computer was broken, but Figgers’ determined tinkering with the PC made it operational. This would begin a long journey learning the ropes of engineering and programming, with Figgers learning and becoming qualified in a variety of computer disciplines.

Figgers had an entrepreneurial spirit early on, beginning his professional career as a computer technician and network administrator for the city of Quincy, Fla. at 13. At the age of 16, he founded Figgers Computers, a computer repair business. By 17, Figgers invented a cloud-based hosting network and the following year, he designed his own computer operating system.

Now 27, Figgers’ company has thrown its hat into the smartphone ring by way of the “Figgers F1” phone, a gold-trimmed device that has many of the same capabilities as the big boy phones from Apple and Samsung. Before launching the phone to market, Figgers found early success creating a mobile communications network that serviced outgoing calls from the United States and 80 other countries via the Internet.

Figgers credits his adoptive parents for instilling in him the drive he has today.

“I’ve had a pretty good life,” said Figgers. “My parents really supported me. I want to continue to be innovative.”

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