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As reported by The Shade Room, Kendrick Lamar snatched wigs and broke necks when he dropped his new song “The Heart Part 4” but it also had fans speculating about who he was coming for in some of his bars as well.

“Tables turn, lesson learned, my best look/You jumped sides on me, now you ’bout to meet Westbrook/Go celebrate with your team and let victory vouch you/Just know the next game played, I might slap the sh*t out you/Technical foul, I’m flagrant, I’m fouled/They throwin’ me out, you throwin’ the towel/Look at the crowd,/they (nah, I don’t like that)/Look at my smile, I’m smirking/Calm but urgent (that ain’t the style, f*ck)/So many verses, you live in denial (f*ck)/So many verses, I never run out/You making him nervous, the music is loud/Whole Jay Z, hall of fame, sit your punk ass down/So that means you ain’t bigger than rapping/So that means no more playing the backseats/My spot is solidified if you ask me (what else?)/My name is identified as “that king”/I let you worry about a list, I’m on some other sh*t/A difference between accomplishments and astonishments/You know what time it is, anti up, this is in forever/Y’all got till April the 7th to get ya’ll sh*t together”

Yeah, those are some strong words but who is he talking about!? While some people think the bars were for #Drake, many fans believe he may be taking direct shots at #BigSean after he apparently threw some subliminals of his own on his track “No More Interviews.”

“N*ggas say it’s over for me I go overboard/Back against the wall like my poster but I’m the poster boy/Not from the city if you let THEY tell it/Greatest rapper of all time if you let YE tell it/You ask me, I don’t got the resume

Whoa! This sounds personal!

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