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Rick Ross is far from putting any respect on Birdman‘s name. After releasing his scathing “Idols Become Rivals” off his Rather You Than Me album, the rap boss continues to condemn Birdman’s business history.

In a recent interview with BillboardRoss elaborates on why he came after Birdman in a song. “You know, I just think it’s so f*cked up,” he explained. “Us seeing Lil Wayne‘s [situation] and suffering from that, I think we kind of all got used to it. I think the culture has f*cking accepted that Wayne would not put out another album. And that’s not the way the game [should be]. That’s not the way we designed this. That’s not the way this is supposed to be.”

Ross further argued that fights between artists over money can prevent them from doing their job. He suggests, Birdman should be defending his artists from bigger threats. “Birdman is supposed to be in that f*cking building making those f*cking people give him money to take care of his man,” Ross says. “They supposed to be in the f*cking [building], flipping over desks in those f*cking offices, fighting to get money. Not f*cking suing each other, fighting lawsuits and everybody starving. Not putting out music, not being creative. Us not doing what we came here for. There’s nothing more I hate than that — us not doing what we came here for.”

Ross even discusses DJ Khaled and how he empathized with him as someone who supposedly got cheated. “I felt the pain, and it wasn’t my money, but just by me watching and what took place and me being supportive, me being there for [Khaled], me being there for anything he needed, I was there for him.”

Ross said Birdman left DJ Khaled “in the hole” and the Cash Money Records co-founder might be the “they” DJ Khaled is always referencing in his lyrics. You can read Ross’ full article, where he also talks about his new album, Donald Trump, and his thoughts on the Drake vs. Meek Mill beef.

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