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Brunch Weekend

Source: Brunch Weekend/VCU Massey Cancer Center

In 2016, the Massey Alliance and As Told Over Brunch held the first ever Richmond Brunch Weekend where local restaurants created specual menu items and gave a portion of their proceeds to VCU Massey Cancer Center!

We are proud to announce the 2nd Annual Richmond Brunch Weekend will be happening this March 25-26, 2017. Participating restaurants will give 10% of their proceeds to Massey Cancer Center and some will be participating in a contest for Best Richmond Brunch Weekend Dish 2017.

Interested restaurants should check out or email

Brunchers, check back soon for a list of the participating restaurants! And for now, mark your calendars!

Join us for our Richmond Brunch Weekend Kickoff on Friday, March 24, at Southern Railway Taphouse:

Full details can be found on