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In an exclusive Page Six report, inside sources shared Fox News host Megyn Kelly aspires to be the next Oprah, and will use her new position at NBC to cement her legacy.

Kelly will begin her tenure at NBC News this year after her contract with Fox ends in July. According to the report, Kelly signed a deal worth $12-$15 million with NBC. Network executives are allegedly scrambling to move her over before the Fox contract expires.

The former corporate attorney believes her stint at the network will allow her to break away from the hard-hitting stories she delivered at Fox, transitioning to softer, human interest stories. Like Oprah, Kelly believes she can use the medium to help others, while offering a softer, more humorous side of herself.

But there’s a larger meaning behind Oprah’s platform that Kelly is missing.

Oprah never used her name to normalize and legitimize the disenfranchisement of African-Americans. Kelly repeatedly proved through her selection of guests and positioning of opinion on her Fox nightly program, that “Black lives matter,” was not a mantra she subscribed to. How can you evoke change when you regularly default to White supremacy?

Not to mention, Kelly’s arrival at NBC News was mired with controversy and played a role in pushing out, Tamron Hall, the first Black woman to host the “The Today Show.” In February, Hall parted ways with “Today” and MSNBC after it was made clear Kelly would be joining the ranks.

Hall’s departure highlighted the internal workings of the network and the lack of value placed on Black voices in the newsroom.

Kelly has work to do before aligning herself with Oprah and her illustrious legacy.

SOURCE: Page Six


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