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New York City police are under fire for a released video that shows an officer using a stun gun on a pregnant 17-year-old in the Bronx.

According to WABC News, Dailene Rosario, who is 14 weeks pregnant, said that the incident that occurred last Friday was truly frightening and that she is unclear as to why so much force was used against her.

“It was more than enough cops to handle me,” she said. “I was screaming I was pregnant the whole time. I was telling them, ‘Get off me, I didn’t do anything wrong.’”

Rosario explained that the police were called to the apartment complex to inspect a different incident.

“They came from the third floor; a little kid got trapped in the apartment,” she said. “This guy told them that they were fighting up here.”

But when the police got to them, Rosario said the fight, which was sparked by a video game, had died down. When the police knocked on the door, she demanded to see a warrant and would not let them in the apartment without one. That’s when all hell broke loose.

“He said, ‘Oh you’re refusing,’” she said. “Next thing I know, he grabbed my arm and pulled me into the crowd of cops. Somebody was pinching me, and then I got tased…(my right hand) was already in the cuff, and then I ended up on the floor.”

In addition, the teen was struck on her torso, burned by the taser and suffered bruises as a result from falling to the ground. She was also charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and harassment. Police on the scene said that the pregnant teen pushed one of their officers into the door and refused to be handcuffed.

The NYPD recently said in a written statement that they “aware of the incident,” and that it “is under internal review.” 

According to the New York Daily News, Rosario has been to a doctor and thankfully, her baby girl is doing just fine. 

“I could have lost my baby due to the Taser; anything could have happened,” she said.

Last year, Rosario delivered a stillborn.


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