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Tonight’s season finale of Love and Hip-Hop New York wrapped up all the lose ends from this past season. The episode begins with Kimbella and Kim meeting up to talk about Kimbella showing up to Little Mendeecees’ party last week. Basically, Kimbella makes it clear that she wasn’t there to fight, and that Yandy didn’t send her there, but she insists on inserting herself in drama that isn’t hers. Anyway, this conversation is relatively peaceful, but Kim holds firmly to her belief that Erika and Samantha’s story is the correct version—that Yandy is the real problem.


Yandy’s storyline holds the most weight, even if it’s ridiculous (and probably grossly exaggerated) because the others, pretty much went all the way boring.

Moving on…

Swift, now that he’s single, professed his love for Cardi, but she’s afraid to jump into another relationship, especially one with him because she values their friendship too much and would rather not risk him hurting her. She’s also more about work these days, and with all that she has going on—touring, TV appearances, and what not, that makes sense.


Remy Ma and Papoose’s storylines always get two seconds of play, even though we want to see more of them.


They’re overcoming the miscarriage by focusing on their older two children who both want to launch rap careers.

Snoop’s situation is that she wants to get her adoptive mother’s grave site moved from Pennsylvania to B’More, her hometown.

MariahLynn won the top spot at the Power 105 showcase. She performed and even extended an olive branch to Major Galore by bringing her up on stage and allowing her to perform too. But that’s not the real point of this. Cisco shows up because he wants to try to come to a “truce” with MariahLynn. Mariah and Cisco agree to be cool again, but Rich Dollaz isn’t feeling this. He feels that Cisco is two-faced for talking about Mariah behind her back to him, and then smiling in her face, and Rich is also upset because he doesn’t mess with Mariah since he feels that she caused the initial rift between he and Cisco anyway. Rich angrily explains all of this to Cisco before storming off. It really isn’t that serious, though, but…we know what show this is.

Yandy, Judy and Kimbella decide to sit down with Kim, Samantha and Erika…again (but Kimbella inserting herself is the only difference). We know how this always ends up, but whatever, entertainment. This is Kimbella’s first time meeting babymams one and two, so obviously this is awkward. Kimbella claims she was just trying to make things right for the sake of the kids, because her kids are friends with Mendeecees’ oldest boys too. Yandy says she and Judy tried to come to the party, but didn’t go inside because they saw the commotion with Kimbella. Samantha calls BS because Yandy came at the end of the party and actually still could have come it. Basically, it’s the same circular conversation they always have and you start to tune it out.


Then Kimbella has a moment when she declares that Mendeecees is [insert all of the ain’t ish expletive adjectives] who played them all.


Kimbella is actually telling the truth, but this isn’t really her business and she really should stay in her lane. Yandy and Judy are definitely side eyeing her, but things don’t completely fall apart either. Kimbella brings it down a bit, but the convo is pointless and unproductive, as per the usual.

Back to the Creep Squad, minus Cisco. Rich, Peter, and Self are going strong, and they’re even business partners on Richie D’s clothing line called, you guessed it, “Creep Squad.”


Snoop and J Adrienne are off for good. Kimbella and Juelz are going strong. Sky and Drewski broke up, and Drewski is back to hitting up Bianca and that’s about it.


The reunion is supposed to be dramaful (yes, “dramaful”), though. We’ll see next week.


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