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NY Knicks player JR Smith, Slow Of Slowbucks & Big Ben's Birthday Celebration

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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York mostly centers around Yandy and her drama with Mendeecees’ babymamas, with a couple of other story lines sprinkled in here and there. At the beginning of the episode, we see the ladies are still in Mexico. Yandy and Juju didn’t end on a good note last week so, here, they get together to discuss their issues and after a lot of huffing and puffing and Yandy finally getting over herself, they make up.


Samantha meets up with her mom and Erika to talk about Yandy, their favorite person. Eventually the topic of Little Mendeeces’ party comes up and Samantha claims that Yandy reneged on her promise to work with her on putting it together.  Samantha pretends to be the bigger person by still being open to Yandy and her kids coming to the party, and by planning to meet up with Yandy beforehand to hash out their differences. As if things like this ever go well.


Fast forward to Yandy and Samantha’s meet up. Samantha informs Yandy that she went ahead and planned the party without her. Yandy claimed she was under the impression that they were still planning the party together, but never heard from Samantha and obviously felt some type of way. Samantha claims Yandy is full of it. We’re never really going to get the truth since they both have different stories, but we do start to tune this out after a while until finally, there’s talk about how their children are suffering because they can’t get along…


The conversation still ends on a shady note with no real resolution.

Peter Gunz is back on his BS (as if he ever really got off). Amina moved to LA with their kids, but she’s back in NYC to visit because they’re going to introduce Baby Bronx to Peter’s family. They sit down to chat and Amina basically says she moved because he doesn’t want her, and that she could always come back to him (insert obvious hint here).


Peter tries to remain focused, and claims he wants a divorce, even though he later admits that he and Amina would still be creeping around if she was back in NYC, whatever. Amina is hurt by this, but she tries to convince herself that she’s ready to move on and agrees to sign the divorce papers. Right. We’ll be seeing her (and probably Peter too for a hot sec) on Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood next season.

Cut to Peter’s family event. Tara came through with her boys and she and Amina eventually had a chat where they decided it’s in their best interest to be at peace for the sake of their children. That is the most mature thing they’ve done since…ever.


Now we’re at Little Mendeecees’ birthday party. The party turns out to be a success, but Yandy is a no show. However, for some reason, Kimbella decided to take a break from stalking Juelz Santana so she could come to the party to insert herself in drama that isn’t hers. Kimbella claims Yandy didn’t tell her to do this and that she’s there because her kids have a bond with Little Mendeecees too (also known as reaching beyond the moon and still coming up short for a storyline). Kimbella claims she just wants to talk, but security won’t let her in. Eventually, Samantha, Kim and Erika see what’s up and they’re not feeling it so Kim tries to attack Kimbella. It seems she forgot that she should probably be taking things easy.


But security shuts that down too. Kimbella is actually calm through all of this, but the drama isn’t over. It never is.


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