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Talking to New Employees

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Congrats! You’re back on the job market and open to something new. It seems like a dream come true. Now, you wouldn’t just jump and get married before the test drive, right? You’ll need to take your time and get to know the employer before you “hop in the sack.” Here are four ways to apply the 90-day no sex rule to your job search.

Get your snoop on

When we meet someone new on the dating scene, we try and dig up all the dirt we can find on the guy. We can’t get to social media fast enough so we can start a good old-fashioned snooping session. Our best girlfriend eagerly joins the investigation to uncover where he works, who’s his ex, how many kids he has and any other juicy details, so we know what we’re dealing with if you get involved. Use this same approach to see what your potential employer has been up to these days. If this employer has a bad reputation, you may want to steer clear. You could be on to something beautiful if this potential company shares your same passion for family, community outreach or financial wellness. Find out who the industry competitors are so you’ll understand how to better position yourself as an asset and seal the deal. The Internet holds the key to a wealth of information to build your case for taking the plunge with a new job.

See what the rumor mill has to say

At this point, your primary goal is to find out if the employer is packing like they say they are—salaries, benefits and other perks. Well-known sites such as will be very useful here. If the potential company has a profile, chances are current, and former employees have submitted reviews. The streets are always talking after a bad break up. Former employees will have most likely shared their pros and cons on company pay, turnover, advancement opportunities, and management. Read these reviews carefully, but don’t believe everything you hear. Just like jealous exes who don’t want to let go of the “good-good,” disgruntled employees come a dime a dozen. There are always three sides to every story, and for now, you’ll need to document anything that concerns you and ask questions during the interview process to gauge validity.

Find out about the body count

Researching an employer can help you explore who they’ve been “in bed with” before you. Spotting some shady secrets early on can save you tremendous heartache in the future. It’s time to take your online search a step further by utilizing LinkedIn. Try the advanced search option to locate former and current employees. See how long they’ve worked for the company. If every person you’ve found chose the “hit it and quit it” option and only stayed around six months or less, you might need to keep it moving. Excessive turnover could mean there are some problems amidst, and you’ll want to avoid the headache. The last thing you want to do is invest time in a company with no stability, ambition or potential for advancement.

Make them wait for it

Instead of succumbing to your emotions, analyze the situation thoroughly. Those butterflies in your stomach could signal a match made in heaven, but don’t give in too quickly. Keep your options open. Really think about whether this employer is in it for the long haul with a full-time position or if they are just out for a “dine and dash” short-term contract job. If you’re a hot commodity, plenty of suitors will be vying for a chance to call you their own. Until you’re ready to commit—keep looking. Understand your worth and know that there is an employer out there searching for exactly what it is you have to offer. This employer will show its appreciation by presenting an offer package you deserve. When your career documents clearly communicate the value you bring, you can name your price and land the job of your dreams.

Choosing a career can always work in your favor if you play your cards right. When you understand what you want and how you envision your future, you’re less likely to settle for a quickie, if a forever job is what you truly desire.

Ashley Watkins, Career Coach and Nationally Certified Résumé Writer with Write Step Resumes, LLC, provides high-quality résumé writing, interview preparation, and career coaching services to help job seekers get more interviews and salary offers. She can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or via



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