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You wake up out of a good sleep and look over at your alarm…to realize you’ve overslept! You’ve got 30 minutes to make it to work on time! Not only are you running late, but your curls need some quick love and attention in order for you to look decent going out the door. What’s a sister to do? Well, we’ve got three solutions that should help you get the look you want in only a couple of minutes the next time you forget to set your alarm.


This style is cute and easy to do in different ways. You can part your hair on your favorite side, do flat twists or braids around the edges and brush the rest up into a tied bun to have your curls hanging freely. This is especially nice if you’ve colored your curls. Check out askpro’s video on how to achieve this twist and go look.


If you’re trying to get to work on time and your hair refuses to cooperate, try exploring with a cute scarf that will be appropriate for your overall look. You can bring some curly bangs out and wrap up the rest so that you can fight with it later. You can create this look with scarves or different styles of hats to be creative while on the go.


If your hair is slightly stretched or not as coarse, you can definitely try this look for your rushed morning routine. It’s also a quick low maintenance look and doesn’t require braiding. It’s a protective style that you can rock any time of year and is great for work, happy hour, or weekend hang outs. Here is a quick tutorial to achieve this classic look.

These styles are quick, easy and don’t add too much stress to your hair. If you have relaxed hair, you can still try out some natural hairstyles that will look great! Also be aware of the type of products you’re using in your hair regime, that also makes a difference in the manageability of your hair – whether it’s late at night or early in the morning when rushing off to work!

Have you tried any of these cute and easy styles? Tell us your experience in the comments!


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