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A former Versace employee has filed a lawsuit against the luxury retailer, claiming its business practices are racially discriminatory. The suit, filed in California Superior Court in Alameda County, alleges that workers were ordered to use certain codes to identify Black customers at a Versace location in the San Francisco Bay Area. “The manager instructed the plaintiff to say ‘D410’ in a casual manner when a Black person entered the store” reads the lawsuit. The former employee also claims he was fired after he told the manager he is Black. The luxury brand denies the claims and says the company has zero tolerance for discrimination. “We do not tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, national origin or any other characteristic protected by our civil rights laws,” said a Versace rep. Read more.

Obamacare Recipients Take Legal Action

Individuals who receive Obamacare benefits are looking to get involved in a lawsuit filed against President Obama’s administration by the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives initially sued the administration in 2014 over a “cost sharing” provision featured under the Affordable Care Act. In December, a federal appeals court put the lawsuit on hold until after President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration so that his administration could decide whether or not to settle the case. Uncertain about the future of Obamacare under a Trump presidency, recipients Gustavo Parker and La Trina Patton filed an emergency motion in a federal appeals court on Tuesday in hopes the court can make a decision on the matter before Trump is inaugurated on January 20. If the federal appeals court rules in favor of their motion, the hold on the lawsuit will be lifted. Read more.

Montana Officials Denounce White Nationalist Rally Plans

Government officials in Montana condemned plans for a White nationalist rally slated to take place in the town where alt-right leader Richard Spencer resides. The Whitefish, Montana march was denounced by Gov. Steve Bullock and a group of legislators. “We condemn attacks on our religious freedom manifesting in a group of anti-Semites,” read a letter issued by the political officials. “We stand firmly together to send a clear message that ignorance, hatred and threats of violence are unacceptable and have no place in the town of Whitefish, or in any other community in Montana or across this nation. We say to those few who seek to publicize anti-Semitic views that they shall find no safe haven here.” The letter was signed by Gov. Bullock, Sen. Steve Daines, Sen. Jon Tester, Rep. Ryan Zinke, and Attorney General Tim Fox. Read more.

Minimum Wage To Rise In 40 States And Cities

Minimum wage workers across the country will see a pay increase in 2017. According to reports, nearly 40 states and cities throughout the country have decided to increase minimum wage rates. On a state level, Arizona will have the largest increase. The minimum wage in the state will rise from $8.05 to $10. On a local level, California cities Cupertino, San Mateo, and Los Altos will increase the rate from $10 to $12. Seattle will be the first major city to have a minimum wage of $15 on New Year’s Day. The federal minimum wage rate of $7.25 has not changed since 2009. Read more.

Queen Latifah’s Car Stolen In Atlanta

According to reports, actress Queen Latifah was recently carjacked in Atlanta. During the incident, which occurred at a Fulton County gas station on December 20, the thief got into her 2015 Mercedes-Benz S63 as the person who was driving her car was pumping gas. Police officials later recovered the vehicle in Southwest Atlanta. This isn’t the first time Latifah has had her car stolen. In 1995, her BMW was carjacked in Harlem. Her former bodyguard was shot and wounded during that incident. Read more.



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