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By now you have either the Xbox One or the PS4, and while the Xbox One S and the PS4 Pro have both been released, we couldn’t really recommend getting either in good conscience — unless you don’t have a system already. Are the 4K graphics really worth the outlay if you already have a system? Ehh, not really. So we decided to round up five games you should be picking up for your favorite gamer.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Source: Activision Press / Activision

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

While previous iterations of Call of Duty had you fighting all over the world, Infinite Warfare makes the galaxy your battleground. Earth’s dwindling resources have forced man to colonize other planets, and now those planets aren’t playing nice. It’s the same amazing gameplay that made Call of Duty franchise a must-get, but now it’s in space. Even the story line is better this time.


Destiny the collection

Source: Activision / Activision

Destiny: The Collection

If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, Destiny is an amazing game, and Activision has given you another entry point with Destiny: The Collection. It pulls together all the expansion packs, Taken King, and the recently released Rise of Iron DLCs into one affordable package. Haven’t heard of Destiny? Ok, so you are this Guardian and you… know what. Just get the game. Trust us. It’s Destiny.


Watch Dogs 2

Source: Ubisoft / Ubisoft

WatchDogs 2

While I enjoyed the original, it had some sticking points. At times it was too Batman/MacGyver, let-me-hack-so-I-can-blow-up-stuff. Watch Dogs 2 took what we loved about the original, souped it up, and got rid of some of the things we didn’t. This time, you’re not so much a vigilante that just happens to be a hacker. You are a hacktivist that happens to get into some situations that require a little more fire power at times. Add to that online play, a lot more missions, as well as co-op missions, and you’re going to be screaming Hack the Planet.

Final Fantasy XV

Source: Square Enix / Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV

Since Final Fantasy X, the franchise has been a little hit-or-miss and has been trying to recapture that magic. They might have done it with Final Fantasy XV. The prince of a fallen kingdom leads his friends and protectors on a campaign to get back his throne. Amazing graphics, riveting story line and new battle systems that is both challenging and entertaining make for a pretty awesome game.


Titanfall 2

Source: Electronic Arts / Electronic Arts

Titanfall 2

If you’re a mecha anime fan or ever dreamed of piloting a robot, then Titanfall 2 is for you. The original Titanfall received mixed reviews, but the follow-up has learned from the errors of the past with improved gameplay and — most important — an immersing single player campaign that had many calling for it to be the game of the year. This time you take the role of a young member of the militia who wants to become a titan pilot. After an attack one has to learn on the fly and grow up quick.


Gears of War 4

Source: Microsoft / Microsoft

Gears of War 4

While some sequels might look to make you forget the previous ones, Gears of War 4 harkens back to the original Gears more than any of the others. Set 25 years after the events of Gear of War 3, the new game introduces a new team, new weapons, and a new enemy. Microsoft has taken over development duties, as they bought the rights from Epic Games. The game is exciting, engaging, entertaining, and a great jumping off point for those who have never played Gears before (or for the veteran).

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