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Obama Gives Speech To Criminal Justice Activists And Community Leaders

Source: Chip Somodevilla / Getty

Trevor Noah visited Barack Obama at the White House on Monday for what was undeniably his most high-profile Daily Show interview yet.

During their conversation, the two discussed Russia’s impact on the 2016 presidential election.

“None of this should be a big surprise,” Obama said, noting that Trump himself acknowledged the hack throughout the election. Obama then questioned presidential campaign coverage by the media, asking, “What is it about the state of our democracy where the leaks of what were frankly not very interesting emails, that didn’t have any explosive information in them, ended up being an obsession? And the fact that the Russians were doing this was not an obsession?”

Noah also asks Obama about navigating racism as a biracial president.

From Vulture:

“The comprehensive interview ends with an admittedly ‘selfish’ question from Noah that speaks to both his and Obama’s biracial background and its unavoidable impact their daily lives: How do you speak your truth about racism — not just as America’s first black president but as a black man in America — while not alienating white people? Obama, careful too in even the wording of his answer, responded honestly: ‘There has not been a time in my public life or my presidency where I feel as if I have had to bite my tongue.’ But rather than call people racists, he says he’s had the more difficult and somewhat modern challenge of engaging with veiled racism as best as he knows how. ‘I try to comport myself in a way that my mother would approve of.’”

Watch the full interview via Comedy Central.

SOURCE: Vulture, Comedy Central

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