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Donald Trump has frequently gone off message, typically does not use a teleprompter, and at many times during the 2016 presidential campaign has mouthed a multitude of wrongs.

Trump was officially named the Republican presidential nominee on Wednesday night, but will his handlers and party be able to rein him in in an attempt to make Trump more presidential?

On Thursday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin and his panel of guests discussed if the 70-year-old can pivot from ranting and tossing insults at any and everyone to becoming more presidential.

During the segment Martin stated, “I don’t think he (Donald Trump) has the ability to walk out there in that moment, in that room (with) folks cheering, millions watching and not go off script.”

Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of agreed with Martin and said, “He gets himself going when he has a crowd in front of him — he can’t help himself. There is nothing that we have seen up to this point that will tell us that he is going to go out there and be a different Donald Trump.”

Gianno Caldwell, Contributor to, disagreed with both Martin and Robinson’s assessments of Trump. Caldwell told Martin and the panel that within the last two weeks he has seen Trump stay on message on a more consistent basis.

Robinson agreed that Trump has been consistent and said, “Donald Trump has been consistently outrageous throughout this process.”

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss if Donald Trump can become more presidential in the video clip above.


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