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One Black man is facing enough backlash to last a lifetime after he used the Mobile Police Department to propose to his girlfriend. The Atlanta native is being accused of disregarding the Black Lives Matter movement and recent racially fueled shootings, while recreating a scene that promotes police brutality – all in the name of love.

In the insane video, Daiwon McPherson and Shawna Blackmon head to the gas station, where cops jump out on them and immediately draw their weapons. McPherson is told to get on the ground and as he follows orders, he pulls out a ring instead and asks Blackmon to marry him. That’s a “no” for me dog, but the shocked and tearful woman somehow managed to say “yes.”

McPherson said he wouldn’t have proposed in such a manner if he “felt like she was that type of person to respond a different way.” Welp… watch the clip above.

SOURCE: Facebook

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