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Members of the National Policy Institute held their national conference in Washington, D.C. this weekend. The group has been broadly referred to as part of the Alt-Right and the positions they embrace align with White Nationalism, White Supremacy, and downright racism.

Members of their movement have been energized and emboldened by the election of Donald Trump, who used racially insensitive rhetoric to catapult him to the highest office in the land.

On Tuesday morning during an intense interview, Roland Martin – host of NewsOne Now – confronted Richard Spencer, the leader of the National Policy Institute, about his views on America, race, White supremacy, Trump’s election, and the bright future he envisions for White America.

While discussing his views about the Alt-Right movement and its impact on America, Spencer said, “We’ve gone from being a movement that was not connected to the political mainstream, not connected to the political fray,” to a movement that people are paying attention to.

Spencer seemed to backtrack from some of his movement’s more controversial stances, saying, “We need to maybe start knocking some of that stuff off” and move towards the mainstream.

One of the major issues that has caused many of the Alt-Right’s members to espouse hate and bigotry towards minorities in America revolves around the loss of economic power and jobs. Martin asked Spencer: “If Whites are dominating jobs in banking, if Whites are dominating jobs on Wall Street, If Whites are dominating hedge funds, if Whites are dominating [as] NFL owners and NBA owners, if Whites are dominating in the major sectors – how in the world can you somehow say, ‘Oh, my god. It’s rough for us White people out here?’”

Spencer responded: It doesn’t at all surprise me that Whites succeed. We have succeeded throughout the centuries, we are people of great genius and ambition, so none of that surprises me. In terms of looking at all of these CEOs – a lot of these are older people, they’re from a generation that comes from a very different population. What I’m worried about right now is our younger people. These institutions are actively, explicitly trying to discriminate against them in terms of hiring.”

After a number of interesting exchanges over Christianity, historical facts, who actually built the pyramids in Egypt, and whose labor built America, Martin closed the contentious interview by reminding Spencer African-Americans and other minorities are not going anywhere.

“You and your people have had a great head start – a tremendous head start,” he said. “When you have a head start, that means you’re scared to compete. See, I know some other Whites out there who are not White nationalists, who aren’t afraid of competition, who are not afraid of this.”

The host of NewsOne Now also suggested Spencer and his supporters obtain additional training, because African-Americans and other minorities are “training harder and we’re going to catch up.”

Spencer offered a counter-suggestion to Martin and viewers: “You’ve dealt with a bunch of guilt-ridden silly Whites all your life and we are waking up. We are recognizing who we are and we see an amazing future – so you better get ready.”

Martin wrapped the segment by reminding Spencer African-Americans are resilient, reiterated, “we’re not going anywhere, and said, “As my frat brother Jewel Vertner Woodson Tandy said in 1937, ‘We will fight until hell freezes over and then we will fight on the ice.’”

Watch Roland Martin and Richard Spencer’s intense debate in the video clip above.


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