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When it was announced that Dave Chappelle would host Saturday Night Live this weekend — with A Tribe Called Quest as the musical guest — the internet lost its mind. Chappelle’s return to TV has been long-awaited. The show’s lineup recalls a recent 1-2 punch: Chris Rock and Prince. While that episode was above average at best (not the fault of the Purple One, who put on a stellar performance), this has potential to be legendary like the Richard Pryor and Gil Scott-Heron/Brian Jackson episode.

But there are some who think it’s a decade too late for this pairing. To that we say: nah, you’re tripping. Granted, SNL has been on the decline in recent years, but this has all of the makings of a classic.

We present to you 6 reasons why:

1. Dave Knows How To Do Sketch Comedy

Here’s the main reason Dave will kill it: he already knows the SNL format. He’s good at skits, impersonations, and working with other comedians. Some would consider Chappelle’s Show to be one of the best sketch comedy shows of the new century, and it’s unlikely that he would flub on a different stage. Some are hoping that, maybe, this could point to the return of Chappelle’s own show.

Of course, SNL has been kinda stale in recent years. Jay Pharoah‘s departure was especially a big blow, and we wish he would come back for this. Maybe Chappelle can inject some much-needed laughs into the evening. Hopefully, he will bring his own writers.

2. A Tribe Called Quest Is The Musical Guest

Perhaps this is all happening is because of Tribe. While Phife Dawg passed earlier this year, it was a devastating day for the music world. Many fans of the group had hoped for a final sendoff, but some wondered how it would happen without the Five Foot Assassin. To the relief of many, Phife had recorded some new material and will be on the album.

Since the album’s announcement, rumors had been swirling around an SNL performance. With We Got It From Here … Thank You 4 Your Service dropping the day before, the world will catch the first live performances of the album material that evening. Early reviews places their final effort as being a solid album. Saturday is bound to be memorable in many ways.

3. It Will Be The Post-Election Edition Of SNL

There is hardly a single non-white person who isn’t bummed out by the election. Everyone was hoping that the racism, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia would die down with a Hillary Clinton win. Instead, an uncertain future looms ahead for the entire nation, with so much in danger.

The Trump and Hillary impersonations on SNL have been good this year, and we expect Alec Baldwin to return as the man that everyone hates. It won’t be an all-out roast this weekend, but there should be plenty of barbs aimed at the yellow toupee. Perhaps the post-election SNL can put everything in perspective, and lift up a lot of people.

4. Dave Has Been On The Road Doing Stand Up

For those concerned about the celebrity’s comedy chops, have no fear. Dave has been quite active on the comedy circuit lately, and has been doing shows for the past month. Some are concerned that his comedy style has changed in recent years, to a more commentary style like Dick Gregory. But should we expect any comedian to remain the same? As long as he is still funny — and most people say that he is — there is little reason for concern here.

Despite a controversial show he did a week ago, Dave has not lost his mind. He commented on Trump being a gangster and expressed disappointment in Hillary, but his remarks were taken out of context. He voted for the latter. We think he’s gonna air out some people this weekend. Perhaps the whole nation.

5. The Special Guests Should Be Off The Hook

Let’s face it: 30 Rock is the VIP lounge. Mad celebrities are hitting up Dave and Tribe for the guest list. Questlove has been bombarded with requests and had to tell people he doesn’t work for SNL. Anyone who’s semi-famous and around NYC will want to be there.

The possibilities of guest cameos are endless. Maybe Dave will give Charlie Murphy a call? Wayne Brady? Arsenio Hall? Let’s not forget that Busta Rhymes and Consequence are featured on Tribe’s new album, along with some others influenced by the Queens group. Could Kendrick Lamar or Andre 3000 show up?

It could be a night of Peak Blackness.

6. Everyone And Their Momma Will Be Watching The Show

For the second week in a row (Solange and Benedict Cumberbatch appeared on SNL last week), this is must-see TV. This is on everyone’s calendar. Plans have been canceled. There are viewing parties this weekend. You don’t have to tweet by yourself in your apartment.

In other words, don’t miss this. You’ll have FOMO and regrets if you do. Don’t be that person.

SOURCE: YouTube | PHOTO CREDIT: Lester Cohen / Getty

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