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Songstress Beyoncé’s surprise performance at the Country Music Awards on Wednesday sparked a lot of negative backlash. Several viewers took to social media to spew racist comments about her appearance. “Beyonce Didn’t belong on stage at the CMA Awards. That’s Like Garth performing at the BET Awards. Makes no sense. #JustSayin #KeepitCountry,” posted one user. “Why the hell is #Beyonce performing at the #CMA Awards? She should stick to her lame music and stay away from country,” posted another. According to reports, after several people were up in arms about her inclusion in the show, CMA deleted all of their social media posts related to her performance. They also went so far as to remove her and the Dixie Chicks from the list of performers on their website. After CMA came under fire by fans, they reposted a video of her performance. Read more.

Jesus’ Alleged Tomb Opened for First Time Since 1500s

A group of workers restoring the Church of Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem made a major biblical discovery last week. They came across a crypt that was believed to be where Jesus was buried after he was crucified. Prior to the finding, the slab where Jesus laid hadn’t been seen since the 1500s. After making the discovery, religious leaders, scientists, and other workers gathered inside the church, where according to religious theories, Jesus was crucified and resurrected. They took photographs and collected samples before resealing the tomb. “We saw where Jesus Christ was laid down. Before, nobody has,” said religious leader Father Isidoros Fakitsas of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate. “We have the history, the tradition. Now we saw with our own eyes the actual burial place of Jesus Christ.” The restoration project at the Church of Holy Sepulchre is taking place to prevent the historic structure from collapsing. Read more.

Early Voting Amongst Latinos is on the Rise

As we’re nearing Election Day, new data shows that a surge in early voting amongst Latinos will benefit presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton in battleground states that include Nevada, Arizona, and Florida. Although Latinos historically have a lower voter turnout, during this election it seems like they are more motivated to cast their vote due to GOP candidate Donald Trump’s racially discriminatory rhetoric and proposed immigration policies. “The Trump candidacy and the climate it’s created has really heightened the importance and the personal nature of this election for Latinos,” said political director of Culinary Workers Union 226, Yvanna Cancela. According to a Washington Post-Univision News report that was released on Thursday, Hillary Clinton has a 50 percentage point lead amongst Latinos. Read more.

EPA Launches Civil Rights Investigation Surrounding Flint Water Crisis

The Environmental Protection Agency has launched a civil rights probe to examine the correlation between contaminated water in Flint, Michigan and the price increase in lead treatment drugs. According to reports, the EPA wants to see if Flint, Genesee County, and Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality used race as a factor when it came to notifying residents about the polluted water. A Flint official has also called for an investigation surrounding the rising prices of lead treatment. “Recently, Valeant Pharmaceuticals increased the price of Calcium Disodium EDTA, used to treat acute lead poisoning, from $900 to $27,000 per treatment,” said Rep. Dan Kildee in a written statement. “This is a 3,000 percent increase. Thus, I am asking your respective committees to investigate this shocking price increase.” Valeant Pharmaceuticals denied increasing the prices to garner more money from those affected by the Flint water crisis. Read more.

Babyface, Jimmy Jam, and Terry Lewis to Produce Music for New Edition Biopic

New developments surrounding BET’s New Edition bio-series have been revealed. According to reports, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Babyface will serve as music producers for the project. All three men produced several songs for the group in the past. “Terry and I came in at a pivotal time when they were having internal issues and growing pains. Fans will get the true behind-the-scenes story of this key phase in their personal lives and careers,” said Jimmy Jam, whose real name is James Samuel Harris. “Their songs are like a time capsule, not only capturing the quintessential 80’s R&B sound but also document the New Edition journey particularly transitioning from a boy band to adult stars,” said Lewis. The series, titled The New Edition Story, will be executive produced by Jesse Collins. It’s slated to debut on January 24. Read more.



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