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Tupac‘s estate has dealt with many people attempting to sell personal things of the rapper’s, and now the team is threatening to sue again.

According to reports, Shakur’s estate plans to block the sale of his handwritten lyrics to “Catchin’ Feelings.” His team claims to have sold tons of Pac’s personal property, but says they are the rightful owner of all his lyrics and written creations, because he never sold any of them.

Memorabilia company ‘Moments in Time’ plans to sell the original lyric sheet tomorrow (Sept. 13), which marks the 20th anniversary of Pac’s death. However, managers of the Tupac Shakur estate say that they are “aggressively pursuing” those who purposely try to exploit his memory.

Although Moments in Time owner Gary Zimet thinks the estate has no claim, the lyrics are scheduled to be sold for at least $38,500.


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