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It’s never a good idea to post or share anything online featuring an image of someone in blackface.

Pastor Mark Burns, a Donald Trump surrogate, found himself in the middle of an enormous controversy and backlash after re-posting a cartoon depicting Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in blackface on Twitter.

The tweet in question has been deleted, but not before Twitter dragged the ardent Trump supporter for his offensive social media post.

Pastor Burns spoke with Roland Martin on Tuesday morning during an exclusive NewsOne Now interview about the cartoon he shared and during his conversation, apologized for re-posting the racially insensitive cartoon.

“I truly apologize for the offensive blackface cartoon,” Burns said. “The blackface is offensive by itself.”

Burns continued, “As a Black man in America, I don’t stand by anyone portrayed in blackface, but the message that I intended I still stand behind.”

Burns, the Co-Founder and CEO of The NOW Television Network, believes the message he was attempting to send “got lost in the translation in the methodology” he used.

However, in hindsight Pastor Burns said, “I would still get the message out there, but use a different methodology.”

Earlier during his exclusive interview on NewsOne Now, Burns explained his view that the cartoon represented the message that African-Americans have been used by Democrats despite having voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Democratic Party for decades.

Watch Roland Martin and Pastor Mark Burns discuss the offensive blackface tweet and Burns’ subsequent apology in the video clip above.


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