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Donald Trump is still out on the campaign trail saying he’s the candidate for black and Hispanic people.

Last night he took his case to the people of Mississippi.

“The Democratic Party has failed and betrayed the African-American community. Democratic crime policies, education policies, and economic policies have produced only more crime, more broken homes, and more poverty than we’ve ever had in those communities before.”

The cheering crowd once again was filled with mostly white people but that didn’t stop Trump for going deeper with his appeal.

“Nearly 4 in 10 African-American children live in poverty. 58% of African-American youth are not working. More than 2,700 people have been shot in Chicago since the beginning of this year alone. (Boo)”

And then Trump went on to quote more crime statistics for African Americans and for cities like D.C. and Baltimore etc. saying it’s only going one way folks and that’s “up.”

“To those hurting and suffering and left behind I say, what do you have to lose by trying something new?  What do you have to lose by voting for Donald Trump for president?

A CNN report by Randi Kaye might be able to help you answer that question.

“The Department of Justice accused the Trumps of Violating the fair housing act arguing they were turning away renters based on race and color.  Who tipped them off?  Local activists, so called testers, posing as potential renters in Trump’s buildings mainly in Brooklyn and Queens.”

In the 1970’s Trump Management was charged with discriminating against African Americans and breaking federal law accused of falsely telling potential minority renters that nothing was available or stirring those potential minority renters towards buildings the company had reserved for non-white people.

How did they do it?

“The Department of Justice alleged applications submitted by African American renters were designated with a secret code such as “c” for colored to indicate a black person was looking to rent.”

Trump ended up counter suing the Department of Justice but the judge threw out the suit.

The case was later settled without Trump or his father admitting to wrongdoing.

They did agree however not to discriminate against minorities, but to actually pursue them as renters.

According to Randi Kaye, three years later the Department of Justice went after the Trump’s once again accusing them of the same discriminatory practices demanding compensation for victims and more promises to abide by the fair housing act.

Kaye says it’s unclear how that part of the case was resolved.

So, what do you have to lose?

Do your homework and decide for yourself.

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