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Every Wednesday is Wildin’ Out Wednesday on NewsOne Now, though portions of Tuesday’s edition of the show were pretty wild. One particular interview left Roland Martin and many viewers scratching their heads.

Today, comedians Queen AishahLawrence Owens, and Niki Moore joined Martin in the studio for this week’s installment of the laugh-fest, which did not disappoint.

After a few comedic introductions, Martin and his panel reviewed a video of a newscaster being photo-bombed by a young man who was dancing his tail off in the background.

The unidentified young man displayed his full set of dance moves while a reporter described the devastation of the Louisiana floods. As soon as the reporter turned to point out the impact of this week’s floods, the young man quickly stopped pop-locking like Re-Run from What’s Happening and started walking away.

Roland Martin equated the young dancer’s moves to an Alvin Ailey routine, while Queen Aishah called the young man a backup news reporter.

Watch Roland Martin and his comedian panel laugh it up during this week’s installment of Wildin’ Out Wednesday on NewsOne Now.


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