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We’re almost at the weekend and you’ve made the right pit stop before Friday arrives! We hope you enjoyed the #SMCS featuring Mary J. Blige. Next week we’re going to keep the heat coming and it all starts Sunday at 7pm. Each night we let you chime in on our #Lovers dilemma’s. If you’d like to get advice on your scenario or a friends, inbox the show on Facebook and give us the scoop. Of course it’s all confidential so hit us up to hear your scenario LIVE ON-AIR!  

Call 844-258-8762 right now and share your friendly advice for Barbara’s #OHSOREALScenario:

Best friends Barbara and Jeneen grew up overweight and became close because of it. They’ve battled with dieting and trying different workout regiments but neither of them has ever been able to make it to society’s standards of healthy. Recently Jeneen got a gastric-bypass to lose weight but didn’t tell anyone but Barbara. She shed over 70lbs and everyone is complementing her on how great she looks.

When asked how she lost the weight, Jeneen says hard work and eating right, but Barbara knows it’s not true. Barbara feels insulted and is tempted to tell the truth the next time Jeneen lies in front of her. Barbara wants to know if she would be wrong to tell the truth when Jeneen lies around her? If Barbara tells the truth will Jeneen think she’s jealous or understand she’s helping a friend live in her truth?

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