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Miss Community Clovia and Richmond Chief of Police Alfred Durham talked briefly after the “Through Our Eyes, A Community Conversation” a packed auditorium of concerned citizens with passion, suggestions and solutions.

From the Richmond Police on officers and recruits training with the department:

In light of recent events in Dallas and elsewhere, please read this short description of the training officers and recruits with the Richmond Police Department receive:

1. All sworn and civilian employees of the Richmond Police Department have undergone a day-long training on “Fair and Impartial Policing”, which concentrates on the role unconscious bias plays on decision making in law enforcement. All Richmond Officers are undergoing forty hour Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) which examines how to best interact with persons undergoing mental health crises. The purpose of these and other trainings continue to be to de-escalate confrontations and avoid uses of force wherever possible.

2. Officers are also trained in First Aid. This includes CPR, use of the AED, and rendering aid to gunshot victims. This last one includes application of quick clot bandages and uses of tourniquets. We have actually had several saves where gunshot victim’s lives were saved because an officer applied the tourniquet and saved their life. We now issue tourniquets to officers.

3. Richmond Police Recruits receive thirty-one weeks of intense training at the Richmond Police Training Academy. Upon graduation, they are paired with a training officer for an additional ten weeks. Throughout this time frame, officers are continually assessed to determine how they specifically can be improved in their manner of interaction with our community.

4. Certified Officers receive a minimum of forty hours of training every two years, and most receive more. Every Officer goes through an eight hour use of force training every six months where they face role play scenarios with simulated munitions. This training focuses on de-escalation of confrontations to avoid deadly force encounters.

Learn about the Richmond Police Department at RichmondGov.com/Police #MakeItHomeRVA

Join Miss Community Clovia and the Richmond Police Department for National Night Out on Tuesday, August 2, 2016. We will travel by police motorcade visiting several parties and events across the city of Richmond.