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Miss Community Clovia interviews Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe about signing the executive order to restore the rights of an additional 206,000 individuals with felony offenses and the lawsuit filed by Virginia republicans. Governor McAuliffe sets the record straight, ” nobody has had their rights restored mistakenly. You could incorrectly be on the list that doesn’t mean that your rights are restored.” In order for individuals rights to have been restored they must have met the criteria of completing incarceration and released from supervised probation and parole.

Governor McAuliffe signed the executive order on April 22, 2016. As of May 24, over 5,000 individuals with felony offenses have registered to vote. If you have met the restoration of rights criteria use the searchable database to find your name here. Also, register to vote with Miss Community Clo, Rolling For Freedom-R4F and the One Vote Campaign on Saturday, July 9, 2016 at Nomad Deli & Catering located 207 West Brookland Park Boulevard in Richmond. This is a free Community Day event from 10am-4pm.

Constitution of Virginia

Article V. Executive

Section 12. Executive clemency

The Governor shall have power to remit fines and penalties under such rules and regulations as may be prescribed by law; to grant reprieves and pardons after conviction except when the prosecution has been carried on by the House of Delegates; to remove political disabilities consequent upon conviction for offenses committed prior or subsequent to the adoption of this Constitution; and to commute capital punishment.