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There are over 2 million Black-owned businesses in America. Many of these entities serve as the backbone of their neighborhoods by supplying jobs and services to the community.

In a new initiative sponsored by Wells Fargo, compassionate small businesses are being celebrated for giving back to their communities.

DigiDoc, a Washington, D.C. based company, is being highlighted by the provider of consumer and corporate financial services in their “Working Together” initiative.

The company, led by Chief Executive Officer Darryl Wiggins and Chief Operating Officer Janel Merritt, provides business improvement solutions and document management services.

Wiggins and Merritt joined guest host Laura Coates on NewsOne Now to discuss their business-community connection and how it is beneficial to all involved.

Wiggins said their business is “influenced by the community, because we recognize that we have to be a part of the community to be successful.” He said placing a focus on the community and its constituents is “just simply good business.”

According to DigiDoc’s CEO, the relationship between business and the community is “couched as social responsibility and not good business and not part of the profit equation.” Wiggins continued, “We recognize it as being part of the profit equation.”

DigiDoc is involved in a business partnership with Washington, D.C. government and as a part of their arrangement, they “reach out to their business partners, letting them know about the programs that are available.”

Through these programs, businesses are introduced to “great candidates” for employment. Janel Merritt, COO of DigiDocs, said, “We have been able to retain some of those students from year to year.”

Through a summer youth program in D.C., DigiDocs was awarded the distinction of being one of the top partners, and they also supplement the income of those who are involved in their establishment.

Watch NewsOne Now guest host Laura Coates, Darryl Wiggins, and Janel Merritt discuss the Wells Fargo “Working Together” initiative and how they are helping Washington, D.C.’s youth in the video clip above.

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