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                             Does being pro-black makes you a racist or separatist?

Miss Community Clovia of Radio One Richmond interviews Chris Thomas of NBC 12 about his special report “Hate Groups” in Virginia. Through research, The Southern Poverty Law Center has identified at least 32 of those groups in Virginia. Thomas interviewed Brother Minister Traci Muhammad of the Nation of Islam in Richmond, Virginia. Watch the special report tonight at 5 on NBC12.

Here is the link from Thomas’ special report. Watch!

Brother Minister Traci Muhammad said that the Nation of Islam is not anti anything just pro-black. Listen to my interview with Chris Thomas of NBC12 as he talks about tonight’s special report with the National of Islam, a so-called ‘hate group’ in Virginia. Play audio


Just weeks ago: The Imperial Wizard donned in his robe said that the KKK is not a Supremacist but a Separatist group. Meaning the group wants to be separated from a larger group based on ethnicity, religion and race. In other words they don’t want to be supreme over other groups just separated from them. Does separation constitutes hate?

View the full text and promo from Chris Thomas’ special report on “Hate Groups” in Virginia. click on the link. And, listen to our interview. Play audio