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Black family holding Vote buttons outside home

Source: Ariel Skelley / Getty

What in the world! We are a nation of fearful thinkers on the left and right. Let’s not leave out the independent thinkers with an independent vote. Why do we live in fear of one race being superior above the next?  How do we make decisions over others lives without their input? What has happen to us America? Dictators! Self-Haters! Suppressors!

America needs to get back to God’s way of peace and togetherness. Let’s see a show of hands if you reign superior over God…It is time that we all ask God for forgiveness of becoming a fearful and unjust people. Until we seek forgiveness and turn from our wicked ways the chaos will continue in homes and communities across the United States of America and the World.

Powerful people let’s abandoned hate and participate to vote in the right candidates to go to work for America’s people. The Virginia congressional primary for districts one through 11 is Tuesday, June 14, 2016. Congress can work well or worse for a sitting president. The choice is yours. Register to vote, check your voter status and poll location from the Virginia Department of Elections.

No vetting you don’t know what you’re getting ~ Clovia “Miss Community” Lawrence