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Since the 2016 academic year began, there have been at least 185 incidents of school officials catching elementary and secondary students with a firearm on school grounds, reports.

The Trace, a media organization that’s admittedly pro-gun control, researched news databases for its statistics. The 185 count includes 50 new incidents since January, when last reported on this issue.

There are no signs of a slowdown. The news organization pointed to three fresh incidents across New York City in March, which were not included in this latest report. In one case, an 11-year-old student in Queens allegedly brought his grandfather’s loaded 9mm pistol to his elementary school, CBS-TV reported.

According to CBS News, the boy told authorities he found the weapon under his grandfather’s bed, and he knows how to load it.

The Trace stated that widespread gun ownership in the United States “means that more kids are encountering them in the home.” There’s no federal gun safety law, the organization stated. Instead, states and municipalities are filling that void.

Some of the 185 cases in the report ended in violence. In one, a Glendale, Ariz. high school student reportedly stole a gun from his parents to give to a classmate who committed a murder-suicide.



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