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Money Mondays special guest host Rob Wilson, in for the vacationing Mellody Hobson, says that you can still choose to buy a gift that is financially savvy, even at the last minute.

Gifts For Children

One Share Of Stock – Beautiful framed stock certificate from popular companies like Apple, Disney, etc.

Gift Cards for Stocks – Just like restaurant or retail gift cards but for the purchase of stock in your favorite companies or

Gifts For Friends and Family

Karma Wi-Fi Hotspot – Help your friends save on their mobile bill with this pay-as-you go hotspot Find it at

Pay For Advice – Great gifts are often something one would not buy for themselves. This could be financial planning, personal training or maybe they have two left feet and you want to get them dance lessons.

Gifts For Yourself

Fund Your Retirement/Investment Account – Instead of accumulating more “stuff” how about planning for your future?

Search for unclaimed money or property – Wouldn’t it be nice to “find” a few bucks that you are entitled to? or

Rob Wilson is a financial advisor, television contributor and new media personality who concentrates his practice on providing advice to and managing financial affairs for successful professional athletes, entertainers and other young professionals. His work providing advice and guidance to prominent young stars has earned him the moniker “Hip Hop’s Financial Advisor. You can find out more at his official website HERE.

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