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While you are in the midst of the holiday shopping, traveling, and spreading joy let’s get our teens something wonderful for Christmas. If your teen will turn 18-years old by November 8, 2016, they can register to vote right now, right here. Give our future leaders a gift that will last a lifetime.

It will only take about five minutes to complete a voter registration application online here. The time is now to get them ready to vote in the Presidential Primary on Tuesday, March 1, 2016. Also, check your status, poll location and elected officials representing you in the Virginia House of Delegates and Senate and Congressional districts at the Virginia Department of Elections.

Your vote is your fundamental right in America. A “no” vote from you is a “yes” vote for the candidate you don’t want holding public office. We as voters MUST vet each candidate running for mayor, city and county races and the presidential races effectively.  No vetting you really don’t know what you’re getting!