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Fans of Glen Allen High School and John Marshall High School were ready for Friday night football, fun, food, homecoming and music but what they heard was a little too much for all in attendance at the game. Apparently, a racist song ended up on the playlist and played over the public address system just before  the game began last Friday night.

Who and why would anyone download such a degrading song to the playlist? Well, a Glen Allen H.S. student claims he played the racist song. Najee Lawrence apologized at last night’s Henrico County School Board meeting. Lawrence, who is black and a football player, said he downloaded what he thought was a Kanye West song onto the pregame setlist. Instead, it was a song with demeaning lyrics about black people. Lawrence said he didn’t listen to the playlist before it played. Glen Allen’s principle also apologized because no one checked the setlist first.

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