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The exclusives just don’t stop. We have another star-studded edition of Extra Butter w/ BlogXilla. On this bonus episode, we caught up with the cast of The Walk to give you the 411 on the new movie about Philippe Petit’s historic balancing act above the Twin Towers in 1974.

Star Joseph Gordon-Levitt recalls his best New York memory while sharing that Philippe insisted on personally teaching him how to walk a high-wire.

“Before this I had not done, ‘wire walking’ at all, and Philippe Petit himself had orchestrated this elaborate workshop of just 8 days of me and him all day. He insisted on being the one to teach me,” he revealed.

Then, we also got exclusive footage of Pharrell working on music with the cast of DOPE on the band Awreeoh’s new songs for the movie.

“The music is from Malcolm’s perspective, he’s like the nerdy kid that has something to say.” Pharrell continued to break down the music, saying, “The angst that you feel in the chorus “Don’t Get Deleted,” it’s on purpose.”

DOPE is out on DVD on October 13th.

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