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What’s the one thing that usually ruins an athlete’s career? Hint: It’s not a rap album. It’s women.

On NBC’s new hit, The Carmichael Show, Jerrod Carmichael had a very thought-provoking message for a kid he was mentoring.

“I don’t want you falling into that trap,” he said to his Little Brother. “I don’t want you to get married at age 20, because you think you’re in love and you think it’s going to last forever. Because it’s not. You’ll be a millionaire professional athlete and you’re going to cheat on her. And you should, because God blessed you with this amazing talent that attracts beautiful women and he doesn’t want you to squander it on something as silly as a wife and kids.”

That’s where NFL player Victor Cruz may or may not be at this very moment. For the record, the alleged text message his fiancée Elaina Watley sent to Cruz’s sidechicks (see it here) came from Media Take Out, a website that has been very wrong with their World Wide Super Duper Ultra Exclusive shock headlines in the past.

As of now, neither Victor nor the lovely Elaina have said anything about the group message – whether to confirm or deny – so this whole thing might be completely false. Still, it raises a question: should you always expect a star athlete to cheat?

There’s a saying: “a man is only as faithful as his options.” When you’re signing million dollar contracts and you’re in a different city every night, you run into women willing to do whatever they can to get some of your attention. The options are plentiful.

I know a few women who dated rappers and athletes and say cheating comes with the territory. They believe that just like a movie star has to sign autographs, a woman who dates an athlete has to deal with cheating and sidechicks. They expect their man to cheat, or know it’s a very real possibility. Their ideology is that as long as he doesn’t bring any “drama” to their doorstep and if he takes care of home, there’s no reason to pry too deep into “his personal business.” Basically, they know what’s up. “A man is going to be a man,” one woman told me.

Still, there are others who won’t allow the bullshit. Unfortunately, those women often get left. A female friend of mine made a public issue when her boyfriend stepped out on her for another woman. Now she’s single because “no man wants a headache” she said, while explaining she’s had a change of heart towards relationships.

Millennial women are more open to knowing the truth. There is no need to cheat. They’ve seen their mothers, aunts, and older sisters go through all of that. So when you can present the idea of an open relationship to them, many will consider it. It’s a relationship where each party knows the truth about how the other person feels: “Hey I love you, but I’m going to be with other people because women are giving away vagina like it’s a grand opening special on sexual intercourse.”

The thing is, men fear the idea of women figuring out that penis is like corn in America. It’s in almost everything.

Meaning, it’s really easy for us men to get replaced. We fear that; we fear another man getting to experience what we call our own. What we love, but cheat on. We want our cake, and to eat it too. Men are not strong enough to even consider the idea of “their woman” sleeping with another dude. We are conquerors, we are Alexander The Great, we are the little emotional wrecks who will break down in tears if our woman cheats on us, but we expect our women to stick by us…

Or, we can just be real with ourselves as men and realize that we are too weak to deal with an open relationship that is really and truly open. Too weak to be the ones who get left, or hurt first – and that still applies to professional athletes and rappers. Haven’t you ever heard a Drake song?

Do you expect successful men to cheat? Is it ever OK? Would you ever consider an open relationship? Tweet us or comment below.


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