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Dear Tom,

I would like to nominate my fiancée James Cook.

When I first met him I was a single mother of 6 month old twin boys, working full time and studying full time at the University of Memphis.

He immediately stepped in and took over the role of father to the twins.  He sacrificed his passion and second job of acting at the local theater here in Memphis in order to help with the boys so that I could finish my degree.

He is the only father they know. The twins are now 4 years old.  We are engaged, and plan to get married next year.  James has started the adoption process of the twins.

He has even given up the dream to remodel the car his late grandfather willed to him in order to pay for the boy’s school. He has dedicated his life to teaching the boys how to be great family men.

Tom Joyner please grant this for James so that he can afford to get his 1987 Trans AM restored.

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REAL FATHERS REAL MEN: James Cook  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com