Doctor, how do I become lubricated and what would you suggest to remain lubricated throughout the sexual experience?

Lubrication is a function of being aroused through foreplay. If you having problems with lubrication, talk to your partner and discuss ways to improve foreplay and make it better for both of you. I also encourage you to use lubricants such as Astroglide and K-Y during sexual play. Sometimes women may get dry during intercourse and lubricants can be used to help with that.

Is the pink pill taken only as needed?

No, it is a prescribed medication that you will be taking for a set period of time under the supervision of your doctor.

Question for the doctor  – does the pill turn her into a beast? Does it extend her endurance? Will I be able to keep up with her without getting Viagra?

No, it will not transform her into a beast and you will not need Viagra! However, it will help respond and enjoy her experience with you better.

I have been with my husband for 20 years and I don”t have a desire to have sex. Will my doctor know about this pill soon? Is it expensive?

Although the drug is new, your doctor can find information about Addyi directly from the company, Sprout Pharmaceutical, and help you decide whether it’s a choice for you. I also recommend speaking to a therapist to address any other reasons why your libido is low. The pricing for the medication has not yet been released, so unfortunately I can’t comment on the price.

Is there an age limit to take this pill?

This medication is specifically for premenopausal women who are experiencing hypoactive sexual disorder. It has only been studied in adult women who are premenopausal.

First, I would like to know what is a libido? I think that’s right. And for someone who has not ever had sex or hasn’t had sex in a long time, what can help before using the pink pill?

Libido is another name for sexual desire, for the drive to have sex. For someone who has never had sex or hasn’t had sex in a long time, the pill may not be what they need. The first thing is finding out if anything is going on with the person. So I recommend the person speak to their gynecologist to discuss what may be going on.

Dr., I had breast cancer with a double mastectomy. I am taking tamoxifen and have no libido. Am I a candidate for this drug?

First let me say kudos to you being a breast cancer survivor. As with any drug, there are always potential interactions, especially when talking about chemo drugs. Some of the issues you may be experiencing regarding libido may due to what you have been through, as well as the impact a double mastectomy can have on a woman’s self image as a sexual person. I strongly recommend you speak to your gynecologist and seek a counselor who is familiar with breast cancer survivors. She or he can help you explore your options including Addyi with the help of  your gynecologist.

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