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Donald Trump and his stunning rise as the GOP frontrunner in seeking the nomination for the 2016 presidency has puzzled some analysts and onlookers who have been critical of his abrasive antics. That brash tone that Trump has become notorious for has spread to his supporters, who clashed with Latino supporters who have gathered to oppose the business mogul at a Dallas, Texas rally on Monday.

As reported by Politico, Trump’s rise atop the national and state-level polls has been mounting with little signs of slowing. In his Dallas stop, Trump recognizes that he’s emerged as the top candidate in his party which has only added to his outsized approach to campaigning. As expected Trump has attracted a number of detractors most especially among Latinos and Hispanics. And those opponents were out in full force in protest of Trump at the rally.

From Politico:

As it ended, attendees filing out, mostly white, clashed with 200 or so lingering protesters, mostly black and Hispanic. Police intervened in several heated exchanges, including some involving members of the Black Lives Matter movement. “Blue lives matter,” chanted several young Trump supporters.

Protesters then chanted a Spanish profanity at attendees. After attendees dispersed, dozens of police officers, including several on horseback, pushed protesters off arena property in a tense standoff.

After being pushed to the other side of the street, one protest leader encouraged those gathered to arm their families and teach them to protect themselves. “You’re only going to get Martin Luther King so long before you get Malcolm X,” he said.

Ahead of the event, Lico Reyes, the Texas immigration chair of the League of United Latin American Citizens and an organizer of one anti-Trump protest, worked to set up a gathering in a parking lot across the street from the arena, where a life-sized replica of the Statue of Liberty and an oversize papier-mâché piñata of Trump’s head sat on a temporary stage.

“We need a voice that talks about justice, love, equality and that doesn’t cut down people — that’s not racist and in your face,” said Reyes of the protest’s purpose. He said that when the protesters, who were marching from a local cathedral, arrived, they would smash the piñata. Reyes later provided an estimate of over 1,300 protesters at the peak of the counter-rally.

On Wednesday, the GOP presidential candidates undertake the second round of debates in Simi Valley, Calif. All eyes will certainly be on Trump and surgeon Ben Carson, who has struck a chord with the evangelical community.

SOURCE: Politico | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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