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Fox News’ Elisabeth Hasselbeck made headlines this week by suggesting that the Black Lives Matter movement may be a hate group. Um, what? Sherri Shepherd who worked with her on The View and is a good friend of hers off-camera, has talked to her since the comments were made public.

“The woman I know, that I’ve known for seven years, that I’ve had at my wedding, is not a racist at all,” she says. “I think when you get on TV and you say these things you have one intent and something else comes out of your mouth wrong and you can’t pull it back, it’s live TV. And I hope people would stand up for me if I did something wrong,” Shepherd says. “I’ll never go on social media and chastise my friends.”

In other news headlines, Shepherd doesn’t think much of Tom Brady’s DeflateGate problem but she does think she knows why he and his wife, model Gisele Bundchen, are allegedly having marital issues. Remember when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner‘s former nanny got caught up in their divorce? One of the reasons was because of a picture showing Christine Ouzounian, the nanny, on a private plane with Affleck and Brady wearing Brady’s Super Bowl rings. (We’re still wondering why he travels with all four Super Bowl rings, but OK).

Shepherd says that she understands Bundchen’s point of view.

“If I was Giselle Bundchen, if I was there looking at this nanny acting like Queen B with all my husband’s Super Bowl rings on,  there’s going to be some mess. You betta not come home. You don’t have fun when you’re married. All that fun – OVER,” Shepherd says. “You have fun when you’re single. You’re not going to make me sound like the bad person here. Hey, Tom Brady, what do you think’s going to happen? You should be thinking about whether or not the balls are deflated, not cavorting with the nanny. You have fun with me. Take ME out.”

Listen below:

Shepherd’s not having it, obviously. But does she have a point? What are things you should and shouldn’t do once you get married? 

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