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Lil’ B for President?

Not quite, but he’s switched his endorsement from Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders, according to CNN.

Last year, the Based God released a project titled Red Flame, which featured the standout track “B-tch I’m Bill Clinton,” an homage to the 42nd president of the United States. The song seemed to show support for Bill’s other half, Hillary, when her looming presidential candidacy announcement had yet to become public knowledge.

But now, his tune has changed as to who should be the next leader of the free world, according to his tweets.

What’s his reason for switching sides? Lil B thinks Sanders has a stronger hold on the Black vote, and can help with the onslaught of Black issues in today’s America, as he’s done in the past.

When asked about the Black vote, Lil B responded, “To win African-American voters you have to feel them,” and a lot of these candidates “don’t understand what that means.”

“I wish people grew up in the hood and grew up with adversity and seen sh-t,” he said.

Lil B agrees that Black-on-Black crime is an issue but adds, “What about the dirty landlords … the dirty bankers … the police that are dirty or the dirty court system? With black-on-black crime, most of the times, that comes from poor black people that’s trying to get out. They’re misguided,” he said.

He compares what Sanders has done to Hillary’s shaky political past, “Once the people started telling me about Bernie Sanders and comparing what he was doing back in his younger days and what she was doing, it made me kind of look at her different — not really respect her as much as I thought,” adding that “she was doing some other stuff for some Republican,” in reference to Clinton’s support for Sen. Barry Goldwater’s 1964 presidential campaign…which failed.

“She didn’t have any part in trying to march against segregation. She was just a follower,” Lil B said.

As if we didn’t already have the antics of Donald Trump, the political landscape for the upcoming presidential election just got even more interesting.



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