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On Friday, Michelle Blair, 36 was sentenced to life without parole for killing her two children and then putting their bodies into a deep freezer. Her final appearance in the courtroom only solidified Blair’s lack of regret for her ruthless crime.

In her last chance to speak in court, she chose to point out the absence of her children’s father and his family members. Blair also expressed her anger towards the prosecutor for stating there was a lack of evidence to support her claims to have killed and abused her children, Stoni Ann Blair, 13 in 2013 and Stephen Gage Berry, 9 in 2012, because they had allegedly sexually abused her 8-year-old son.

Via NBC News:

“I want to say, this prosecutor I can’t see her face but I wish I could but you disgust me because how dare you say that didn’t happen to my son? You weren’t there. You all were never there, you were absentee people, always.” Blair continued, “To the Dorsey family, I hope you do well without seeing my child Gabrielle Blair. You lived well without seeing throughout their whole life, so live well now. But you ain’t got nothing to say to me for what I did for my child, period.”

Blair was charged with two counts of felony murder, two counts of premeditated murder and one count of torture, and pled guilty to all. Her lack of remorse was visibly jarring to Judge Dana Hathaway and reflected in her statement during the sentencing when she pointed out the lack of opportunity Blair’s children had to live a life free from abuse and to make their own decisions.

“One thing that strikes me is the greatest tragedy here is that they will never know what a life is like without fearing their mother. They will never know the joy of what life could have been without having you in it.” said Judge Hathaway.

Despite her horrendous crime, the mother of four still remained solid in her rationale for what she had done and showed no contest in accepting her life without parole sentence. Blair’s surviving children, the 8-year-old son and a 17-year-old daughter, are currently not within the care of either parent, but their fathers are aiming to regain custody of them.


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