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Who is Jill Scott? 15 years ago the world found out with her debut album that included classic tracks like “He Loves Me” and “The Way.” Jill is bringing back those timeless hits and more from her decade spent at Hidden Beach records on her greatest hits release “Golden Moments.”

Perfectly titled, the album truly takes listeners through the golden moments of her career. Starting out with “Jilltro,” the album already makes you feel like you’re entering into Jill’s time capsule you won’t want to come out of. From “Jilltro” she hits us with her 2004 upbeat hit “Golden.” But the album doesn’t leave out those passionate and gritty hits we love from Jilly from Philly like her 2007 “Hate on Me” from “The Real Thing: Words and Sounds, Volume 3.”

You know Jill couldn’t release a greatest hits without giving us something new. The album includes an unreleased track “I Adore You.” Jill’s beautiful vocals shine on the soft ballad. “I adore you, completely, so deeply, it’s true boy,” she sings.

Taking it back to the beginning the album ends with no other than “Gettin in the Way.” A perfect close to some of Jill’s many golden moments.

Download Jill Scott “Golden Moments” here and listen to the stream above.

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