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Judge Mablean’s 13th Annual ‘Unsung Fathers Awards and Scholarship Brunch’ is taking place on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21st in Los Angeles. Comedian George Wallace is the master of ceremonies for the event and gospel singer Tramaine Hawkins and saxophonist Michael Phillips will perform. The event recognizes Black fathers and students who might not be able to attend college without financial help.

“We have a wonderful brunch each year on Father’s Day honoring men from our communities that often go unnoticed,” says Judge Mablean. “They’re not celebrities, they’re not entertainers. They are stars in their own homes, taking care of their children. There is no domestic violence, no history of back child support, they are doing what they supposed to do and they are ignored. We don’t tend to get any press unless it’s something negative about the African-American male. This is our opportunity to respect them, to say to them we respect you, we honor you, we know what you’re doing, you’re job is not easy but you’re doing it and you’re doing it well.”

Judge Mablean says the men are nominated by wives, ex-wives, their children, mothers and even friends and colleagues in the L.A. area. She’s even got nominations from out of state.

Fifteen scholarships will be given out to students in the L.A. area that will go to high school graduates, nursing students and adults 25-40 who are returning to school.

“For most of them this is an opportunity to go to college it’s a great pool of young people and most of them would not be able to go even though they have the grades and the SAT scores, the finances are lacking. We wanted to make sure we pick up that slack and that they have the opportunity to go to college they otherwise might not have.”

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