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Biz Markie delivered an unforgettable Stone Soul performance in Richmond, Virginia along side his cousin who also doubles as his DJ Cool V.

“You might think he a good singer, right?” Cool V asked the crowd as Biz Markie approached the crowd.

Biz kicked off a tribute performance with “Let Me Turn You On” off his fourth studio album All Samples Cleared! Can you believe that project is 22 years old?!

“This is a special dedication to my man DJ Hollywood” – Biz Markie told the crowd.

Biz and DJ Cool V went on to pay tribute to the greatest artists to ever touch the mic.

“I’d like to say rest in peace to James Brown, Barry White, Tupac, Biggie, Big L, Jam Master Jay, but this next person I want to say rest in peace to, I wanna, I wanna sing his song.”

Biz belted out every note of Rick James’ “Mary Jane” in true Biz fashion.

“Now I would like to say rest in peace to Teena Marie … Teddy Pendegrass, Isaac Hayes, Heavy D, Easy Rock, Easy E, but this person I think is the number one in my book…”

At this moment the beat for the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” dropped and Biz Markie breaks out choreography that Michael Jackson would be proud of.

Biz Markie and DJ Cool V wrapped their set with a strong performance of Vapors.