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Ignoring critics who said Riley Curry’s appearance at a previous post-game press conference was distracting, NBA MVP Stephen Curry accompanied his 2-year-old daughter to waiting cameras and reporters again to talk Golden State Warriors’ win over the Houston Rockets in Game 5.

And yes, we say Curry accompanied the toddler because the press conference was her time to shine. What basketball?

But Riley’s cuteness couldn’t wait until the postgame talk. There was that moment she celebrated the Warriors 104-90 win over the Rockets with an oversized hat on her golden locks:

When she finally made it to the mic, she yawned (again) at her dad’s boring sports talk before laying her head on the table:

But sleep was short lived. Riley decided that this was no time to rest. Her plan? Jump up and down until you’re fully awake:

And in the most talked about moment of the night (no shade to Curry for his stellar performance on the court), Riley recited an appropriate hook from Big Sean’s hit record, “Blessings.”

But before she exited stage left to leave us all wondering why she doesn’t have her own television show, Riley showed everyone who’s really the famous one in the Curry household.

With the Curry parents expecting this summer, we have to wonder if the new bundle of joy will be just as free-spirited and adorable as Little Riley.

We sure do hope so.

SOURCE: Twitter

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Steph Curry’s Daughter Riley Turns The NBA Press Conference Into Her Own Show

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