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Jay Z and Damon Dash haven’t done business together since the 2004 split of Roc-A-Fella, but Dr. Boyce Watkins believes their respective statements about who profits from Hip Hop culture are very much cut from the same cloth. In a recent interview with Dash, Watkins compared Dash’s “culture vulture” statements to Jay Z’s Twitter rant and subsequent B-sides freestyle taking shots at Spotify and YouTube.

Dash didn’t so much find a personal commonality, but he did point out a similar focus on what he called a bigger picture.

“If bringing awareness to being robbed as a culture is what’s now in style, hopefully… That’s what I wanted to happen,” Dash said. “Remember, I came on like, ‘It’s CEO beef. We don’t need to be fighting each other.’ If the most commercial person that I know—the person that’s gonna go with what the masses is going with—then that’s where the whole tide is going.”

Dash also clarified his previous “culture vulture” statements, saying the phrase was not about refusing to do business with non-black businesspeople or only catering to the black community. He said the phrase was a reference against those who didn’t have a like-minded mentality with regards to awareness and love for the culture.

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